Industrial Primer, Coatings & Enamels

We are one of the leading manufacturers and retailers of Industrial Primer, Coatings & Enamels which includes industrial paints, thinners, synthetic, polyurethane, epoxy based coatings and other associated product such as epoxy primer, epoxy zinc phosphate primer, epoxy zinc chromate primer, polyurethane primer, metal epoxy primer, epoxy primer paint etc. This range finds application in pharmaceutical, underground steel foundations and plant structure & piping. Our products are in high demand due to good bonding with steel, concrete and wood surfaces.


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Epoxy Primer

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Industrial Primer

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Air Drying Hammerton

Aliphatic Polyurethane

Epoxy Coating for Refineries

Epoxy Primer for Petrochemical Industry

Synthetic Enamel for Paint Industry

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